Querétaro, Mexico

Luis and Sandra Landarte

Luis and Sandra Landarte


Luis is originally from Mexico City, and is by profession a Public Accountant who holds a Master’s Degree in Finance. Since 2000 he has lived in Queretaro, the city where he met his wife Sandy. The couple married in 2005, and together have a beautiful family with 3 daughters: Haniel, Zabdi and Abi.

Luis came to know the Lord Jesus in 2000, the same year he arrived in Queretaro. After confronting situations he was facing at that time, those same situations brought him to a place of recognizing that, above his own strengths and abilities, God was longing to have a relationship with him. His circumstances were exteme: he had practically lost all of his material accomplishments, and none of his own abilities could get him out of his situation – not even his pride that he had accumulated from all that he believed were his successes leading up to that time.

Due to his formation and academic knowledge, the Lord allowed him to live through some supernatural situations that allowed no room for any of his own explanations and arguments. His atheism could no longer respond to or explain what he was living. His persecution and lack of respect for Faith in Jesus Christ, for which he had previously been known, couldn’t stand again the clear encounter with and revelation of the Savior in his life.

Throughout his years walking with his Heavenly Father he has been able to enjoy serving in various ministries. He is currently participating in God’s work in Queretaro and other parts of the world.

As a couple, Luis and Sandy have a heart to encourage people who, for whatever reason have stopped serving the Lord, to return to the plow. They also have a passion for joining the diverse ministries God has raised up to spread His work in the city, so they are eager to connect with other people and participate in everything that is organized to show unity. Finally, they desire to continue helping to spread the kingdom of God in other parts of the world.

Queretaro is a city that is located practically in the center of Mexico. As of August 2016, the population was said to be 2 million including the city surrounding areas, with an annual growth rate of 2%. There is a density of 174 people per square kilometer, ranking Queretaro 7th by this measurement in cities above the national average of 61. 49% of Queretaro’s inhabitants are men, and 51% are women.

Spiritually, 92% of the population is Catholic, 4% is Christian and the other 4% is comprised of different sects and religious groups. It is also said that Queretaro is a place where Satanism and devotion to the occult is practiced more than elsewhere in the country; some people refer to it as the national capital of these practices.

Queretaro is one of the top 3 cities in terms of quality of life in Mexico. It is also known as a place without violence, due to a pact maintained between criminal groups, especially those linked to drug-trafficking. It is believed that these groups have their families living within Queretaro, and so safeguard it for them.

Many people immigrate to Queretaro from other areas seeking this “quality of life” god; the authorities report that 84 people arrive every day to live in the city.

New Life Church in Queretaro emerged as a response of four families (Rangel, Alvarez, Covarrubias & Landarte) to the call of God. The Rangel family had been part of New Life Little Village in Chicago and they were eager to return to Queretaro to try to bring along what God was doing in Chicago.

In October 2013 the church was officially launched. Currently the Carrillos (Jose and Joann), Chaparros (Armando and Abigail), Cristina Cruz and Irma Rosales are the people leading and carrying the responsibility of the church.

The church meets on the corner of San Agustin Street and Maria Street, Col. La Paz, Dan Jose El Alto, Queretaro, Mexico. Their permanent schedule of activities includes:

  • Monday from 7 to 9pm – Study
  • Thursday from 7 to 9pm – Prayer
  • Saturday from 9 to 10:30am – Women’s Gathering
  • Sunday from 10:30am to 1pm – United Celebration