Oradea, Romania

Michael and Denisa Foster

Michael and Denisa Foster


Michael and Denisa Foster are currently serving as church planters in the country of Romania and reside in the city of Oradea. The heart of their church (Koinonia 29) is to reach, teach and send the people of Oradea and Romania with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Michael and Denisa’s heart is to make disciples who make disciples who make disciples; thus their ministry through the church plant in Romania has a very concise focus. That focus is to disciple, train and raise up indigenous young leaders, equipping them to plant theologically sound missional communities and churches that will reach and transform the nation of Romania and beyond.

Michael is one of the original founders of REAL Ministries and also leads the ministry’s annual short-term mission project’s teams around the globe, helping grow and enhance ministries which are making disciples and demonstrating the love Christ around the world. He is also a speaker, teacher and evangelist traveling the world for the Gospel and the cause of Christ. To date he has set foot on nineteen different countries teaching, speaking and equipping the Lord’s Saints, as well as proclaiming the Gospel and demonstrating its implications through loving deeds to emerging generations. He plans to continue stepping on the soil of as many nations for the Gospel as Jesus allows him.

In 2014 Michael moved to Romania to serve full-time. He met Denisa in March of that same year at a REAL Ministries Mission’s Project informational meeting in Oradea. The two of them unexpectedly hit it off and quickly began connecting with each other on a more personal level. After eight months of courting one another, in November of 2014 Michael and Denisa began an official relationship with one another, and were married in October of 2015.

Denisa is a Romanian native, who was born and raised in Oradea, Romania. In 2015 Denisa graduated from medical school, and is now currently in her residency in the field of Neonatology. She served in the church she grew up in as a Sunday school teacher and also as a leader of a teenage girls’ group. She is now fully vested in walking alongside Michael in both life and ministry and desires to see her city, her nation and the world become truly devoted disciples of Jesus.

Eugen and Anca Tamas

Eugen and Anca Tamas


Eugen and Anca have been married for three years and live currently in Oradea, Romania. They are passionate about sharing the Gospel and their lives with others.

Eugen, originally from Oradea, grew up in Austria, where he served different churches, both Romanian and International ones. After his return to his home country, he served with Teen Challenge in Bucharest and then went on to study theology. Meanwhile, together with Anca and other young Christians, he initiated an outreach to the International students and served different local churches in Oradea.

He is passionate about discipleship through mentoring (individually, in groups and young families), preaching and teaching others how to study the Bible, prayer and evangelism.

Currently, together with Michael Foster, he is serving the Koinonia29 church in Oradea, Romania, which they have founded together.

Anca is also from Oradea and works currently at a nursery. She has served different churches, both in Romania and abroad, in the areas of worship through singing and Sunday school.

She’s passionate about discipleship through mentoring, child education, worship through singing and practical service such as hospitality.

Oradea is among the 10 biggest cities in Romania. It is located in the northwestern part of the country very close to the Hungarian border, with a population of around 200,000 people.

A legacy of brokenness endures from the days of the Communist regime and every kind of social evil came to fill the moral space left. People struggle with substance abuse, prostitution, human trafficking and abortion, as well as secularism, especially since Romania joined the European Union (2007).

Although Oradea is called ‘the most Evangelical city in Romania’ (15-20% of the population), it is difficult to see this in society. Weak faith, hypocrisy and slander of other denominations cause problems for all Christian groups. he Orthodox Church dominates society, but many adherents do not hold a personal faith.

In the Evangelical church discipleship, evangelism and world missions are neglected, and unity is a major problem. Young people and non-Christians struggle to relate to traditions and legalism that seem to serve no purpose. We need a breakthrough of love, holiness, discipleship, and prayer in all denominations.

The church in Oradea, Koinonia 29, a New Life Community Church, has a focus of following the Great Commission of Jesus uncompromisingly and faithfully. We believe that it is our mission to reach, teach, and send people from all walks of life in our city of Oradea and to extend that mission into greater Romania and greater Europe.

To accomplish this we live life together in intentional community and on mission together. By focusing on building up our people rather than just our programs we take the Gospel into our city with intentionality and through the everyday rhythms of the lives we live. We preach and hold to the Biblical teaching that we are Disciples of Christ and all have been commanded by Him to participate in His mission together, no exceptions. Jesus’ words are clear that we are all to be disciples making disciples that make disciples in Oradea, in Romania, throughout Europe and to the ends of the earth. This is the heartbeat of our church and the heartbeat of our communities.