Lima, Peru

Matt and Edith Anderson

Matt and Edith Anderson


While Matt is a native Minnesotan and Edith is from Peru, Matt and Edith Anderson originally met at an orphanage in Lima, Peru, where they both worked. In 2013, they responded to a growing sense of the Lord’s call back to Peru and to a new role in service to the body of Christ there. Through a multitude of sovereign contacts with New Life pastoral leadership, Matt was commissioned in November 2014 to pursue the planting of a New Life congregation in Lima, Peru. On April 17, 2016, the first congregation was planted in the neighborhood of La Calera, located in the district of Surquillo. Matt and Edith have four adult children; in addition to pastoring the church, Matt works as a teacher and an immigration lawyer.

There are nearly 10 million people in Lima, approximately one-third of the entire Peruvian population. With those proportions, it is no wonder that Lima is the political, social, cultural, and economic heartbeat of the country. Over 80% of the Peruvian population identifies as Catholic, and approximately 11% identify as evangelical. Nominalism is very common in Peru, unfortunately, and is often joined together with the common misconception that being that a person can earn salvation. Although the typical citizens of Lima may consider themselves “religious,” they also recognize that the morality of the city is severely contaminated, sighting crime and widespread institutional corruption as significant problems.

On April 17, 2016, the first New Life congregation in Lima was launched, in the district of Surquillo, in the neighborhood of La Calera. Matt Anderson pastors the congregation in La Calera, a centrally located, middle class community that is distinguished by its multiple parks, residential feel and excellent eateries.